This post has been the hardest for me to write about. My baby is now really going off into the world, but that’s what we want right? We’ve had 18 years to pass the best parts of ourselves to along to them in order to protect them from the hard lessons we learned – now it’s their time. I look back and remember her younger days of class birthday treats and missing library books. I remember thinking “does everyone shout at their kids or am I just bad at this?”. Now it’s quiet in the morning. Even the dog seems to know something has shifted. Our life will be changing, but in exciting new ways. As for my little impact on the world, I will always continue to stop moms to tell them they are doing a great job and hope they are enjoying the present time.
Remember, the days are long but the years are short…
Congratulations Class of 2019!💛💙


Take a moment
Appointments as everyone knows sometimes run behind – certainly not on purpose but because life happens. At the spa we try to make sure our waiting guests know that they have not been forgotten and we will be right with them and make sure that their full time is honored – I have always tried to take this time to get to know these customers in our comfort room. Last week one of my co-workers did a beautiful job with this – not only did she reassure the guest but she paid attention to her intuition that this particular guest needed something more – so yes she had phones to answer and paperwork to finish but thankfully she took the time to sit with the guest and simply listen. The guest shared a tragic and heartbreaking story of loss – she didn’t need anything just simply to talk and be heard.
I wonder how many times we miss these moments to connect with complete strangers and brighten their day because we are always running behind or onto our next task.
For today lets look at those around us and try to understand when our food order is taking too long and maybe ask the waitress how her day is – Tell your childs teacher how much you appreciate all the thankless hours they try to help raise your child – or the secretary who really is doing her best to make sure your appointment is on time.
Just an idea but how great would it be to have a bunch of Spa 223 Gift cards for just even a small amount and hand out to these people we cross paths with! Just a thought but for anyone who wants to try this I will match you dollar for dollar on the gift amount – Lets see if we can make the world we live in kinder together –


Happy Mothers Day weekend! Being a mom myself, I know how busy we can be and as much as I wouldn’t want it any other way, sometimes I think even organizing the events of Mother’s Day can be a chore. Some of us spend the day running around, buying gifts and even hosting others on a day meant to celebrate US. It has taken me years to appreciate the day itself, as the real gift. I think for me, it’s stopping to take a minute to breathe and appreciate the moment- even in the mist of all the chaos- that has helped me understand the true value of Mother’s Day. It’s another day to connect with our kids as mothers and even if it’s only a few hours or a phone call, it can remind us why we are mothers and why we do everything we do for them. The days are long but the years go quickly – enjoy your children and families this Sunday no matter how tired you are then hopefully you get a Spa 223 Gift Certificate and we will take care of you when you are done taking care of everyone else!


“Work when there is work to do. Rest when you are tired. One thing done in peace will most likely be better than 10 things done in panic…. I am not a hero if I deny rest: I am only tired” — I read this today and had a WOW moment- this was totally speaking to me- I try with intention to “be present”; and I’m not really present- So let’s re-start! It’s the beginning of the week, the beginning of Spring, let’s begin a new habit- take the time to do one thing at a time- I challenge you to try this for one week- let me know if it helps to bring peace to your life and I’ll help reward you- we will have a drawling for everyone who try’s this week to do one thing at a time- a FREE MASSAGE to help you find some extra peace in your life- Have a great week. #wardswords #onethingatatime #peace #wowmoment #massage #bepresent #spa223 #spa223boutiqueclothing #porthuron #michigan @spa223


Pay it forward – Most of us have heard of a version of this but have you ever participated this concept? I’m talking about you’re in the drive thru line at a restaurant and about to pay, only to learn that it is already pair for – the person ahead of you has secretly already taken care of you – a complete stranger decided to put some kindness out into the world knowing full well they would never be given credit for it and did anyway.

I have tried it a few times actually – always at the last minute I found myself anxious t pay and get away before the person learned of my kind gesture – of course I would hope they would be inspired to the same for someone else.

I’m curious if anyone else has practiced this? Have you experience the gift, when you were about to pay? What did you do? At the very least I hope it made you smile, lifted your spirits and brightened your day!

So that’s my challenge this week – what would happen if everyone that read this paid it forward one time today? It only takes a few minutes and few dollars but think of all the good that could come of it – If you do please let me know. I would love to hear your experiences – Have a great weekend! #spa223 #payitforward #randomactsofkindness #womanover40 #spa223andboutique #wardswords #letsdothis #challenge #morekindessintheworld


Ready or not spring break is here!🎉🌴✈️ Over the years this break has meant so many different things to me as my family has grown – as a mom I’m sure we can all relate to the phrase “I need a vacation from my vacation!” Nevertheless as I’m packing literally everything we can possibly need- can’t the sunscreen!!! I’m starting to realize how many options there are and how overwhelming it can all be! My recommendation is keeping it simple and effective with some of the great options we have at the spa. Eminence Mineral Defense is a great powder mineral for the face that is super convenient and is a easy face sunblock. Another product I’ll be sure to pack is my Eminence vanilla body cream (with SPF 32) that smells so wonderful that none of my kids will complain about putting their sun protection it on! Happy Spring Breaking to everyone out there and please DM me or comment down below if you have any questions about products or you notice you are missing a product in your suitcase when you are packing! #mom #eminenceorganicskincare #spa223 #deltalounge #springbreak #worklife #workingmom #airportoutfit @ Delta Sky Club Gate A 38 – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport


Have you recharged yourself today??? Okay let me ask you this.. Have you recharged your phone? Now we can all answer YES to the 2nd but the first- which is actually SOOO much more important, most likely the answer is no- So don’t think, jut do- tonight from 5-7 come to the Spa- no appointment needed- do not dress up- heck don’t even wear makeup actually— our Esthetician’s are volunteering their time to work one one one with each guest to go over their skin care routines, and concerns you may be having and giving out some awesome samples to try- and yes we will be serving MOJITOS! I’ll be there and would love to see you there taking a bit of time just for you- Have a great Thursday. #wardswords #spa223 #youtime #porthuronmichigan #oneononetime #eminenceorganics #recharge #supportlocal

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