Wards Words #5

Wards Words #5

Pay it forward – Most of us have heard of a version of this but have you ever participated this concept? I’m talking about you’re in the drive thru line at a restaurant and about to pay, only to learn that it is already pair for – the person ahead of you has secretly already taken care of you – a complete stranger decided to put some kindness out into the world knowing full well they would never be given credit for it and did anyway.

I have tried it a few times actually – always at the last minute I found myself anxious t pay and get away before the person learned of my kind gesture – of course I would hope they would be inspired to the same for someone else.

I’m curious if anyone else has practiced this? Have you experience the gift, when you were about to pay? What did you do? At the very least I hope it made you smile, lifted your spirits and brightened your day!

So that’s my challenge this week – what would happen if everyone that read this paid it forward one time today? It only takes a few minutes and few dollars but think of all the good that could come of it – If you do please let me know. I would love to hear your experiences – Have a great weekend! #spa223 #payitforward #randomactsofkindness #womanover40 #spa223andboutique #wardswords #letsdothis #challenge #morekindessintheworld

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